Who are we, what do we do?

Obwarzanek Krakowski is a symbol of our city. This street food, much loved by Krakow residents, has over 600 years long tradition and the EU Protected Geographical Indication designation, which emphasizes its importance for Krakow’s culinary heritage.

Our mission is to interactively provide knowledge about the most delicious symbol of our city, its over 600-year-old tradition. A visit to us is a workshop during which, apart from the theoretical part, there is also a practical part, and each participant makes their own obwarzanek. We make it, bake it and our guests leave our doors with a crispy and fragrant souvenir and a diploma of a bagel journeyman.

The museum was established in November 2017. 2 years later, we opened a second workshop room and in December 2023 a third one. We are constantly full of new ideas. Our team is a group of fantastic young people who are very committed to what they do.

Our guests are mainly children and teenagers, but we can safely say that this is an attraction for everyone. We are visited by families, groups of friends, students and seniors, and we also organize company meetings, birthdays or hen parties. The workshops are very popular. We have very good opinions on the Internet, and we have received 2 awards from Trip Advisor users, the Odys Award of the Krakow Chamber of Tourism and the most important one for us – the Certificate of the Polish Tourist Organization.

There is a small cafe next to the museum. We created our own obwarzanapki, i.e. sandwiches based on obwarzanek with local additions, such as oscypek cheese, Krakow sausage or ojcowski trout. We also serve external meetings, events and conferences with obwarzanka catering. We operate in accordance with the Slow Food idea, purchasing supplies from local sellers at the Stary Kleparz market located opposite us.

We also have a souvenir shop, where each item is carefully thought out and ordered from local producers. We also cooperate with 2 social enterprises.

Before the pandemic, we were very active outside – we even reached Lviv, Prague and Edinburgh. Together with the Krakow City Hall, we organized the Obwarzanek Festival twice and were a partner of events as part of the European Capital of Gastronomic Culture Krakow 2019. We had several events planned for 2020 in connection with the 10th anniversary of the entry of obwarzanek on the list of products with the Protected Geographical Indication mark, unfortunately due to Due to the pandemic, we had to cancel them. However, we managed to conduct an information campaign dedicated to the sign and produce a film about the obwarzanek. All this to raise awareness of this product and its place in Krakow’s history.

The Covid-19 pandemic was the saddest period of our business. In total, we haven’t operated for over 10 months. We managed to survive this time and since then we hope that things will only get better. We operate 7 days a week, accepting individual guests and organized groups.