Say hello to Obwarzanek Krakowski. This inconspicuous circle shaped baking is part of our city’s history for more than 600 years! Everyone loves it, citizens, tourists and even pigeons! It’s been known since medieval times – kings ate it, knights ate it, even Wawel’s dragon ate it!

During the show, we will tell you everything about its secrets, the history, an unique production process, and after that you will get a piece of dough to create your own obwarzanek.

What would you say about that kind of crispy souvenir?


Shows for individual tourists take place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 12.00 (for at least 5 persons). Groups are welcome everyday.

What can you expect – see the movie 



19/16 PLN normal/reduced

Group tickets:

16/13 PLN normal/reduced (groups over 12 persons) 

Reduced ticket: children over 3 and under 16, students, seniors

Duration: 1-1,5h

Min number of people: 12

Max numer of people: 22 adults / 25 children

Reservation is obligatory





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